About Me
Hi!I am Hitesh Seth.
I am currently living in Delhi,India & pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from BVCOE,New Delhi under GGSIPU.
I have in my family:- my father,Sh. Jogesh Seth. He is Manager(accounts),
my mother,Smt. Savita Seth,she is LIC,Post Office agent
& my sister,Jahnvi Seth, she is in School

I like playing cricket,chess,carrom.

Besides that I love computers. Currently I know DOS,Windows,Msoffice,HTML/CSS,BASIC,C under DOS

Things which I know a little bit:-
Visual Basic,Foxpro,Tally

Currently I am learning:- PHP,Javascript,C under Windows
My Favorite Links:
My Info:
Name: Hitesh Seth
Email: admin@hiteshlab.frih.net